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Work performed in October to cover November’s Rent

 15.5hrs were spent over October 1st, 2nd & 3rd cutting and moving the rest of the weeds and trees to the burn pile,
and $34.78 was spent on blades and fuel for the cutting of all trees and $25 on a burn permit.

All the trees were cut down leaving now only the stumps. They were piled up and burned.
The 911 center was called in advance and given warning burning would occur, yet, the fire department was called.
They radioed that they had seen a large burn, but they’d still come and check it out, so they showed up.
A friend of mine was the commanding officer, so he laughed when he rolled up and saw it was me,
and then he laughed harder after he had seen that I had burned myself.
He told me that what I was burning was too big to burn and that I should’ve taken it to some tree disposal place where they charge like $25/tree to shred and dispose of them, and that I shouldn’t let it get too big and that he’d hold me responsible if he got in trouble for leaving me to my mischief. So, I was fortunately able to burn everything, at least, until it got dark and it had to be put out. The next morning, it was noticed that not 100% of all wood was stacked in the pile prior to burn day, but only 99.9%, and that a little was left to do still.

Few weeds remain, and two last mowings were done.

Additional cleaning up took place, and a very little bit of burning remains to be done, fruit will be picked up and the cooler and sprinklers were winterized. $3,300 was spent on renting a compressor and $60 is usually charged for blowing out sprinklers for other people, or $100 for the cooler combo, but just the time has historically been added towards covering November’s rent, so two more hours there…

In total, that comes up to around $497.50 of work performed and money spent on the house, with $47.50 going towards December.

Additionally, the burn pit was cleaned and metal was removed so it didn’t go into the tires of all vehicles driving on the driveway/dirt on the west side. Trash was  picked up and removed, as well as the apricots on the sidewalk. That tree will cause skateboarders to fall, and I’d assume that may be something they could sue the estate for, if that were to happen, as with snow? And, with Fledgefield and no fence, trash seems to blow in like crazy now, it seems like a never-ending supply of trash.

Snow will be shoveled and drive/walks de-iced when that comes soon.

As soon as I can make a radioactive rocks storage container, I’ll have that fridge removed, but I’m thinking xcel won’t take it and that it’ll have to go to a recycler for $100. I’ll let you know before that day comes, though. But, after that, those trees will be cut lower and the rest of the weeds and trash cleaned and this place is going to look spotless! Or, at least, soooo good!! 

Winterized the Cooler on October 13th for one hour

Those pads will likely need replaced next spring, they’re lithified and clogged and stinky…

And then I blew out the sprinklers on October 31st for one hour