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JHS Ltd began in 2016...

Long story short, what began as a Craigslist ad to do anything quickly led to a business doing just about everything.
We’ve learned to do some things well, identified talents, and more importantly, weaknesses.

JHS can and will usually do 99% of what’s asked, but not roofing or foundation repair, usually… exception$ have been made, though.
Prices have ranged in the last year on various jobs from $25/hr for some to $500+/hr for others.
Usually, a flat rate to do the job is preferred for both our sakes, but it can be worked out however you’d like.
Feel free to throw out an offer, even!
For regular clients and some larger jobs, when asked, we’ll be happy to do everything and then invoice.
However, new clients should be prepared to pay at least half up front.
We’ve been in this valley our entire lives, built reputations, and proudly consider ourselves to be among the best service providers in town.
We’ve worked hard to get where we are, we’re not desperate to do work for free or get ripped off again, and we’ve learned a lot…
If you want the best, expect to pay for the best. Or, check Craigslist or Nextdoor/Facebook/Flyers on the Telephone pole/etc…
However, on a blue moon, openings in the schedule do occur, and we’re always happy to help those who appreciate us but can’t afford normal rates.
(Btw, rocks have been accepted as a form of payment more than once before!)

And we always offer discounts for seniors, teachers and vets, and those who work in noble and underappreciated professions…
Feel free to ignore our talk and to see our walk for yourself.
After all, we’re handymen, not salesmen.
Doesn’t matter how we talk or sell you on our ability to handyman.

What really matters is how we handyman.