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Junction Home Services

Homes need work…
so since 2017, JHS has been here for you,
and all the work your home needs.

$60 Sprinkler Blowout!!!!

Space is running out – Schedule is filling…
Call/text/message soon!

Text/call: (970) 812-3032

Your Handyman…

a jack of all trades is a master of none…
but oftentimes better than a master of one!

Repairs & installs

TVs, Holes in Drywall, Appliances, Windows, Doors, Toilets, Light fixtures, Showers, Sinks, Garbage Disposers, Ceiling Fans, and everything else that breaks or needs put in its place…


New sheds, decks, and new carports,
new docks, pump houses, dog houses,
pools, pergolas, hall trees,
blanket ladders, library ladders,
or just about whatever else you need or can dream up…

Renovation & Cleanup

Sometimes things should just look different, or need updated, to provide better functionality… Whether you need a new wall or new room, or a hoarder’s amount of junk removed, a refreshment is in order! 


Install, fix, troubleshoot and service your sprinklers, all year, every year
Blowouts begin 10/23/23!


Every spring and fall, and throughout the summer, they need servicing…
and probably new parts, and pads…


A favorite and a forte. Not to toot my horn, but I’m pretty good at working with wood… like Bob Ross with clay


New toilets, bidets, sinks, water heaters, vanities, drains or disposers, leaks and emergency clogs,
or just about anything else with water


Interior and Exterior, all kinds of paint on all kinds of surfaces in any way… Care + time + experience=
exactly what you want.


Light fixtures to garbage disposers, TVs to ceiling fans, no power and GFCI issues, new switches and new outlets, you’re covered


Whether you’d like a wooden, vinyl, chain link, hog panel, white pickets or a custom dream built, or restained, or repaired, or made more fency…


Organic debris cleanup & removal, weed control, new yards, gravel, mulch, xenoscaping, xeriscaping, and zeroscaping, or just a few rose bushes

Tile & FLooring

Because it’s so often asked, yes. With the exception of carpet, any flooring is in the wheelhouse, and tile is a forte, but it’s not fun, nor cheap…

Handymen years ago built a bit of a reputation…
and while JHS is a proud Handyman service,
it’s definitely not the same.
Nothing’s ever the same, anyway.
The only thing you can count on consistently is change.
JHS is changing “Handyman” to mean your professional personal helper,
your home’s doctor, your to-do list’s executioner,
your one-stop shop for so many different things…

but not secretary-ing… good at pretty much everything else about handymaning, but unabashedly bad at phoning. Plus, a bit of a PTSD has developed after the years of a dozen scam calls daily. Therefore, please either “war-dial” and call and call if you aren’t getting through, or send a few texts or leave a few voicemails!

Text/call: (970) 812-3032

There are five final points that have thus far been left out that aren’t very important but are here for those wanting to read everything, like an easter egg, to allow you to gain a better understanding before developing a new relationship with JHS:

1. You can call and ask for something and ask to pay $50 or $5,000, and you can get what you’d like to pay for, but a neighborhood kid may mow your yard for less and not do as good a job, and your sink may not be installed as quickly as though it would if you had hired the $10,000 plumber. There are many other people in Grand Junction that regularly use Junction Home Services for everything they need and many other home services providers. You don’t hire JHS because you want the cheapest option and you don’t hire JHS because you want the corporation… you hire JHS for the relationship, the trust, the reliability, the expertise.

2. There’s that story that goes roughly, “You can hire six plumbers to solve an issue and five may either take months to replace the whole system or would charge you either way too much or not enough and wouldn’t know what the problem was and would then leave you without any solution and with less to spend on the sixth plumber, who could come in and spend five minutes tapping on a couple pipes and tightening a few bolts and fixing it like it was nothing and would invoice you $15,000. He’s not invoicing you for those 5 minutes he spent fixing your issue, but for the years it took him to learn to tap those pipes and tighten those bolts. You don’t pay for time, you pay for results.” Results are what you’ll get with JHS. For such a variety of jobs in a variety of houses, after more than eight years, sometimes JHS is the fourth and sometimes the sixth plumber in that story, but you’ll still never get a $15k invoice, no matter how long it may take. Regardless you’ll always soon see the solution to your problem after setting JHS to it. For the cost of gas and time away from scheduling other jobs, usually at least a $50 or $100 minimum is requested, but for those needing help and struggling to put food on the table, exceptions are often made. No need to feel bad no matter what you may need, and no job is too big or too small. If you need batteries or a lightbulb changed, or if you need an apartment refreshed after a tenant left, JHS can do it. Whether you’d like “bandaids and duct tape” or “done the right way”, a fair price is always somewhat negotiable, and something we can both agree upon, something we’re both happy with. Generally, you tip those in the service industry, and in this line of work, those who care to treat JHS well, definitely receive the best service possible! Not saying you need to tip JHS, but just along the same lines, if you’d tip your server well to bring you extra ranch, why try to short the guy installing something as important as your water heater or something as insignificant as your bidet on your toilet in your home? You want to know that you shouldn’t have to double check to make sure everything was done right. You want to just say, “do it” and it’ll be done so can go back to not worrying about it. You want easy. You want to be able to trust the man you’re inviting into your home. You’d like for him to be intelligent and polite, and to definitely not murder you and your family, and it is for that reason, while still keeping in line with maintaining a bit of privacy on the internet, it’s announced here for your consideration that the main man behind JHS has a college degree in Biology and a clean criminal record, minus having hacked into construction road signs a over a decade ago as a juvenile prank. Which, picking a lock is another service that can be provided to you! But, making this point (and the next point) publicly, advertising it as such, you could easily come at JHS for false advertisement if it’s not true like they went after Red Bull for not giving them wings, so you know it’s gotta be true!

3. A Handyman from Aspen years ago had on his business card, “I may not be the best, but at least I’m the most expensive!” and that’s stuck with JHS since… However, as with the two points above, you can hire the most expensive handyman in town, or the cheapest, and you’d still be able to call JHS. You can call JHS because of price, or you can call because of ease. You can get the job done either way, and most jobs need no extra expense, but for some jobs, you’d probably want to hire JHS and just know it’s taken care of and something you needn’t worry about any longer. For many things, JHS asks ~$100/hr. Sometimes, $10/hr is what it works out to after everything, and sometimes, $500/hr+ is billed. Don’t let money be the reason you make the decision to hire anyone in town. Money is the most difficult part of the job for this non-accountant handyman, and many have previously judged the handyman based on the money, yet, money is something required for every handyman to continue being a handyman. It sucks, especially now with the prices of everything else also skyrocketing, but it’s a part of life. JHS is no scammer, so no matter what the money comes out to, you’ll feel 100% satisfied when you hire JHS. Guaranteed.

 4. Besides Cash, Checks, Cards, Venmo, Zelle, Cash app, Paypal, and all other forms of payment, you can also probably receive services in exchange for rocks, and discounts for subscribing to both the Junction Home Servicves and ColoRockCo channels on YouTube.

5. You can also sign up for a low-fee monthly membership to receive the best possible service in town! (Inquire by sending a message) • • • •
• • • • •