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Junction Home Services

Homes need work…
even before 2017, JHS has been here for you,
and all your home’s needs.
From Grand Junction, Colorado to wherever you are!

Your Handyman…

a jack of all trades is a master of none…
but oftentimes better than a master of one!

JHS, Ltd. is NOT the cheapest handyman in Grand Junction…
However, JHS is undoubtedly the best value!

You’ll get what you pay for with JHS –
the best experience possible.

It may not be very cheap with the prices of everything going up, but every dollar towards your home is arguably one of the best investments you could possibly make!

JHS is your professional personal helper,
your home’s doctor,
your to-do list’s executioner,
your guy you can count on to get it done,
one-stop shop for so many different things…

but JHS is not the best with the phone.

Please feel free to either “war-dial” and call and call and call,
or send a few texts, or emails, or voicemails!
And please don’t take a non-response personally!
Scammers and solicitors (unfortunately) far outnumber real clients,
and it’s hard to keep track of the various apps & notifications…
and hyperfixations on fun projects are regular occurrences.

But, JHS is looking forward to meeting you and taking care of your project!


please Text/call: (970) 812-3032
(or send a message below)

6 + 3 =

As an easter egg addendum for any that may care to read – the price of service for JHS is not set as high as it is due to choice or personal greed.
Rather, due to necessity and the greed demonstrated by (name any CEO of any corporation on the stock market & the rent cartel in Colorado).
JHS, Ltd. may not be around for much longer if it continues to get harder to live in Grand Junction… Definitely not without even higher prices…
Mesa County needs new leaders that will allow Tiny Homes.
Colorado needs new leaders that will pass laws making rent affordable.
The US needs leaders that won’t accept lobbying dollars in exchange for their character.
If JHS is pushed out of providing home services for Grand Junction residents, it’ll likely be to go into politics and to try to change things for the better,
since our leaders aren’t helping…
Grand Junction needs more affordable housing.
Life shouldn’t be so hard for us all.

What comes around goes around.

If you provide housing at an affordable rate, repairs will be affordable.
If you provide housing at an exploitative rate, repairs will be much more expensive.
If you’re the CEO of Facebook or Tesla or Amazon, repairs will be $1,000,000/hr at a minimum.
If you own your own home, JHS will be happy to help in exchange for your help with JHS’s rent,
but rent has gone up a lot more than you’d probably imagine, so rates, too, have gone up. 

If you have a place to live available at an affordable rate and/or in exchange for work, please send a message! • • • •
• • • • •